How to apply your Stickers

Vinyl application
There are two recognised methods for applying vinyl, either wet or dry.

Smaller stickers up to 200 to 300mm in size can usually be applied dry with minimal problems. 
Larger stickers above 300mm are easier applied using the wet technique.

Tools Required
Felt Squeegee
Application Fluid
Spray Bottle
Mix the application fluid to the water in a spray bottle as per the directions on the bottle.

Dry application. 
Remove the backing from the sticker and lightly position it onto the substrate. Firmly squeegee the image down, starting at the centre and working carefully outwards, ensuring constant pressure is applied across the entire design. 
Re-squeegee the image to ensure good contact, taking care not to scratch either the image or the substrate.

Wet application.
Large surface areas are best applied using the wet method, as this method helps eliminate air bubbles on larger areas of vinyl. The wet method also allows re-positioning of the image several times if required – a considerable advantage when applying multi-colour logos or other applications requiring precise alignment.

Use a specialist application fluid such as "Vinyl Lube" to ensure you do not re-contaminate the substrate with fats. Soapy water made from a few drops of washing up liquid will work as well but can reduce the bond effect of the adhesive if too much washing up liquid is used.

Dampen the adhesive side of the vinyl with application fluid using a fine spray. Spray the surface of the object that the sticker is to be applied to as well.

Float the sticker onto the surface, gently dabbing the image down to achieve the correct positioning. Firmly squeegee the image from the centre outwards to force any remaining moisture/air from under the image.

After approximately 30-60 minutes, depending on temperature/humidity –  Re squeegee the image to ensure good contact, taking care to avoid scratching.